January 26, 2022

WE CAN DO IT project launching

Our lab at UNIST is starting a new collaborative study with other labs at SNU and SNU Hospital to understand neurodevelopmental changes in adolescents. The project is called WE CAN DO IT (Wellness Effects on Childhood and Adolescent Neurocognitive
Development Outcomes and Individual Trajectories)!

Take a look for details:

July 22, 2021

New paper: Depression Symptoms Mediate Mismatch Between Perceived Severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preventive Motives

Why won’t people comply with prevention measures recommended by the government? Our new study in Frontiers in Psychology highlights the importance of psychological responses to the dynamically evolving pandemic situations in promoting preventive behaviors (https://tinyurl.com/vuv3zdj).

August 5, 2021

Symposium on the Cognitive and Developmental Neuroscience

A few cognitive and developmental neuroscientists gathered to raise awareness of the importance of environmental factors on brain and cognitive development. The event is on August 11, starting at 10am (This symposium will be delivered in Korean).

Preregistration is mandatory: http://tinyurl.com/2021WECANDOIT

July 14, 2021

HeeYoung, Jiwon, and Minho are giving oral presentations at the Korean Society for Cognitive & Biological Psychology conference 2021

HeeYoung (Live Talk 2): Impacts of learned social contexts on risky decision-making

Jiwon (Live Talk 5): Impacts of similarity-based generalization on probabilistic reward learning

Minho (Live Talk 5): Impacts of choice-independent option on decision consistency


Abstract Futuristic Background

If you are interested in participating in a decision-making research, email us!

The research involves playing simple computer games, filling out some questionnaires, and/or EEG recordings.

email: dncelab@gmail.com

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