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Research in our lab focuses on the neural and psychological foundations of valuation and decision-making. To date, our research has examined social and economic decision behaviors in two streams of inquiry:


(i) neural basis of value-based and social decision-making, and

(ii) abnormalities of decision-making in psychopathology.


Our work takes a multidisciplinary approach that integrates methods from behavioral economics, neuroimaging, decision neuroscience, social psychology, computational modeling, and machine learning. Specifically, we use economic probes of behavior in conjunction with functional neuroimaging tools to characterize mechanisms by which the brain processes both social and non-social information. In addition, we leverage economic decision models of healthy individuals to investigate abnormal decision behaviors among individuals with psychopathology.

Abstract Futuristic Background

If you are interested in participating in a decision-making research, email us!

The research involves playing simple computer games, filling out some questionnaires, and/or EEG recordings.


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